Overview of the Course's Films

Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the course's films for each module.

In each film, an historian from Aarhus University provides a 8-12 minute presentation of significant developments and important events in the history of Denmark. Each module, with the exception of the Viking Age, features an introductory film, and a film about the evolution of the state and politics during the relevant period. There is also a series of supplementary films covering a variety of other central topics.

All films are in Danish with both Danish and English subtitles, accessible by clicking 'CC' and selecting the language. 


Disclaimer: We are currently in the process of adding English subtitles to all films in the course. The following list only includes films for which these subtitles are already available.

Module 1: The Viking Age, 790-1050

Module 6: From Absolutist Composite State to Nation State, 1814-1914